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Certified Criminal Law Specialist, State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization

Alec Rose, an Experienced Los Angeles Statutory Rape Defense Lawyer

alecMr. Rose’s entire career has been focused on aggressively representing clients
charged with serious crimes such as statutory rape (having
a sex act with an underage person
), sexual battery, and crimes
against minors. 

His experience and excellence in defending these
cases led to Court TV selecting him as a frequent guest commentator
during the Michael Jackson trial. He has also been recognized
and quoted for his expertise in the area of sex crimes defense by
Los Angeles area legal publications such as the Daily Journal,
California newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, and even entertainment
publications such as US Weekly. 

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state-bar-logoWhen you need an attorney who
is willing to fight aggressively to protect your freedom and your
reputation, having experienced counsel really counts.

Few situations can be as devastating
to a client as being arrested–or investigated–for statutory rape.
Devastating accusations such as these can result in arrest, even without
corroborating evidence, forensic evidence, or even ample reason to doubt the accuser’s motives. Often,
statutory rape cases are assigned to aggressive and even overzealous
prosecutors and police detectives. When that happens, some attorneys are reluctant to
aggressively defend clients in these cases.

When clients are accused of statutory
rape, many clients (and their families) fear everyone —including
neighbors, friends, coworkers, and even close family—will assume
guilt. Alec Rose believes you are entitled to an effective,
professional defense. He believes in preparing to aggressively
defend you and your freedom. When your freedom, your reputation, and
your future is in jeopardy , Alec Rose will prepare to take your
case to trial and to seeking dismissal of these humiliating charges.
Your attorney must be ready to pursue
an aggressive defense to a statutory rape charge as soon as the accusation

bbb-member-imageClients should also be
aware that there is rarely an
acceptable plea bargain available for any sex crime, including statutory
rape. And. in Los Angeles
County, sex crime charges carry very high bail. Most of the crimes
carry prison sentences or very severe conditions if probation is
granted at all. Nearly all statutory rape convictions require
registration with the police and publication of your personal
information on the Meghan’s Law database. Registration is a
lifetime requirement in nearly all situations. For these reasons,
Alec Rose knows that a good result in a statutory rape case in Los Angeles
begins with an aggressive, creative, and effective defense strategy.
The earlier in your case you hire counsel, the better your chances
of getting the results you need.

If you believe you are being
investigated for statutory rape, you need legal counsel immediately.

Most alleged statutory rapes occur in private. When
police hear allegations of statutory rape they don’t expect the accuser to have
corroborating evidence such as eyewitnesses or physical evidence.
For this reason, they have developed investigation strategies that
focus on forcing the accused to make incriminating statements. If
the police are investigating an allegation about you, or want you to
answer questions, you can assume that their goal is to arrest you.
You need an attorney who has helped clients survive these
investigations. The right advice may help you avoid arrest entirely.

Why hire Alec Rose, a Certified
Criminal Law Specialist?

His career focus has been on
aggressively representing clients charged with serious crimes such
as statutory rape (having a sex act with an
underage person
), sexual battery, and crimes against minors. His experience
and excellence in defending these cases led to Court TV selecting
him as a frequent guest commentator during the Michael Jackson
trial. Mr. Rose has also been recognized and quoted for his
expertise in the area of statutory rape defense by Los Angeles area
legal publications such as the Daily Journal, newspapers such as the
Los Angeles Times, and even entertainment publications such as US


cases involve unique
aspects of California evidence law. The legislature has added
special provisions to the evidence code to allow prosecutors to use
evidence against the accused that is not usually admissible in other
types of criminal cases. “Fresh Complaints” which may merely
consist of the same groundless accusations against you repeated
again and again, are admissible hearsay. Allegations by other people
of “sexual misconduct” may be admitted to prove your guilt, even
if these “charges” were never reported, never investigated, and
never prosecuted! In these types of case, you need an attorney who has experience in
responding to these strategies so that you still have a chance to
win a fair trial. This is where experienced counsel really counts!

Mr. Rose has a reputation for taking
on difficult cases and has defended clients that other
attorneys believed had hopeless cases. He is not afraid of
aggressive prosecutors or hostile courts. He has represented clients
who were accused by multiple people of serious sexual crimes. He has
represented clients charged with some of the most serious and
complex statutory rape cases in Southern California. He has
produced results that have saved lives, careers, and families. He is
skilled in selecting juries that will give a fair hearing to your
side of the evidence and consider the potential for false
accusations. He brings a level of assured experience in fighting for
clients that few attorneys can match. He believes that
every client deserves the best possible, most creative defense.

here to visit Alec Rose’s home page.

What Makes Mr. Rose successful in
defending those accused of statutory rape?

He believes that the following
characteristics of his practice are especially suited to defending
clients charged with sexual crimes:

  • Proven Results—He has
    defended many people charged with or accused of statutory rapes and
    has gotten many such cases dismissed and rejected by
    prosecutors. He has taken on cases with multiple accusers, DNA
    evidence, and even alleged “confessions” his clients were
    tricked into by police or by opportunists. Some of his cases
    have made news headlines, and he has presented his
    client’s side of the matter to the media effectively and
    ethically when such publicity could not be avoided.
  • Personal Attention to each
    Client—If you call Mr. Rose about your case, you will speak to
    Mr. Rose. If you hire him, he will personally be your
    defense lawyer. There are no subcontractor attorneys, and no
    “Case Managers” to shield Mr. Rose from providing you his
    own time and experience. Mr. Rose personally respects your
    reputation, your freedom, and your decision to hire the best
    counsel you can for your case.
  • Effective Case Preparation—You
    need an attorney who fully understands how to present your case
    in the best possible way. Even if your ultimate aim is to settle
    the case, you will only get a good settlement if the prosecutors
    believe your lawyer is prepared to effectively try your case.
    Can a “positive DNA match” be explained?? What about several
    “independent” accusers each claiming that the client
    sexually assaulted them? What about a pretext phone-call
    resulting in an “admission” of the accusations? Many
    examples of devastating and seemingly insurmountable evidence
    can be overcome by careful and creative case preparation by a
    lawyer who has fought similar cases before. Mr. Rose has
    defended cases in Southern California with facts like these, and
    he has helped clients show their innocence and avoid
    convictions, even with allegedly “positive” DNA tests.
  • Jury Selection skills—Many
    people have false conceptions about statutory rape accusations, and how to judge
    such cases. Often, they don’t even know how prejudiced they
    are. In Los Angeles area statutory rape trials, jury selection is
    often the most important factor in the outcome of a trial. Only
    an attorney who has selected juries for statutory rape cases many
    times before can sort through a panel and effectively eliminate
    the most biased jurors and select people who are open to
    considering your innocence.
  • Expertise, Legal Knowledge, and
    Excellence—The State Bar of California has only recognized a
    few hundred of its many thousands of members as Certified
    Specialists in Criminal Law. Mr. Rose is proud to be one of
    those attorneys. Consider the certification requirements.
    California certified specialists must pass a written examination
    in their specialty field, demonstrate a high level of expertise
    and experience in their field, fulfill ongoing education
    requirements, and undergo an evaluation process by other
    attorneys and judges familiar with their work.
  • Effective Strategies to Avoid or
    Minimize Charges Before a Case is Filed—Many times, a person
    becomes aware that an investigation exists before an arrest or
    case filing. If charges can be avoided or minimized, you will
    have the best chance of avoiding higher costs, publicity, or the
    expense of posting bail. This can be the most beneficial time to
    hire an experienced attorney. With Mr. Rose’s help, you can
    consider strategies that may help you ultimately win the case.
    If you are charged or under investigation, Mr. Rose will devise
    a plan of action to develop evidence of your innocence or gather
    documentation of your accuser’s motives for potentially
    falsifying an accusation. Many people are more willing to come
    forward before the police charge you. The sooner you plan for
    your defense, the more effective it can be.
  • For more information about how
    Alec Rose can assist you in Defending statutory rape Charges in Los Angeles,
    California, please call him at (310)877-5398.

here to visit Alec Rose’s home page.

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Rape: Legal Definition
– The criminal offense of statutory rape
is committed when an adult sexually penetrates a person who, under
the law, is incapable of consenting to sex. Minors and physically
and mentally incapacitated persons are deemed incapable of
consenting to sex under rape statutes in all states.

is Statutory Rape?
– In accordance with the FBI definition,
statutory rape is characterized as non-forcible sexual intercourse
with a person who is younger than the statutory age of consent. The
actual ages for these laws vary greatly from state-to-state, as do
the punishments for offenders.

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County, Michigan Statutory Rape Defense Lawyer
– Rape charges
often involve testimony from the victim as well as testimony from
doctors and other experts. Some of this evidence is reliable and
some of it is not. In our experience, the majority of rape charges
involve “he said, she said” evidence. To protect yourself
from drastic consequences, you will need an experienced, skilled
lawyer who can challenge the state’s evidence and cross-examine
witnesses aggressively to uncover inconsistencies. This experience
and skill is necessary whether you are being charged in Bay County
or Calhoun County, Albion or Mecosta County.

Georgia Statutory Rape Lawyers
– A statutory rape charge is one of the most severe crimes a person can face. Don’t wait to contact a lawyer. Immediately contact a Georgia statutory rape lawyer if you have been arrested.
What is statutory rape?  Statutory rape is defined as having a sex act with an underage person. Whether or not the minor was a willing participant or initiated the sex act, the adult can still be charged with statutory rape. A person has to be of a legal age before the state will recognize that he or she has the power to make a decision regarding having sex.