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Serious Violent Crimes and Murder

By definition, a violent crime is a behavior by persons, against
persons or property that intentionally threatens, attempts or actually
inflicts physical harm. The seriousness of the injuries to the
victim(s), whether or not guns or other weapons were used and/or
whether or not the alleged perpetrator has a criminal record will
determine the seriousness of the charge. Most violent crimes are
considered felonies and are subject to be considered a “strike” in a
state that has adopted three strikes laws. Violent criminal charges can
include: aggravated assault, arson, assault and battery, domestic
violence, hate crimes, homicide, larceny, rape, manslaughter, mayhem
and murder.

One of the most serious areas of violent crime is homicide – killing a
person, whether lawfully or unlawfully. Justifiable homicide and
excusable homicide are lawful homicides, while criminal homicide,
negligent homicide, reckless homicide and vehicular homicide are
unlawful homicides. Unlawful homicide comprises the two crimes of
murder and manslaughter.