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Sex Crimes

Sex crimes include such charges as child abuse, child pornography,
date rape, failure to register (as a sex offender), indecent exposure,
internet porn, lewd conduct, marital rape, molestation, obscenity,
pedophilia, pornography, prostitution, rape, sexual abuse, sexual
assault, sodomy and statutory rape. Many sex crimes are considered
felonies and require convicted defendants to continually register
themselves as publicly recognized sex offenders with the local and
state authorities where they live and work. Charges of sexual
misconduct carry extremely serious penalties and these crimes are
commonly punished more severely than any other crime except murder.
Sexual misconduct is seldom witnessed by anyone other than the accuser
and accused and the risk of conviction of an innocent person is
drastically higher in these cases.

Drugs and Narcotics Charges:

Drugs and narcotics laws have tried to keep up with the changing
perceptions and real dangers of substance abuse. By 1970, over 55
federal drug laws and countless state laws specified a variety of
punitive measures, including life imprisonment and even the death
penalty. To clarify the situation, the Comprehensive Drug Abuse
Prevention and Control Act of 1970 repealed, replaced, or updated all
previous federal laws concerned with narcotics and all other dangerous

Most states have laws that give different treatment to possession of
different categories of drugs (i.e. prescription drugs, marijuana,
crystal methamphetamine), and also make a distinction in the offense
charged as to whether a small amount of the drug was found with the
defendant (personal use) or a larger amount (intent to sell or
distribute, trafficking). A conviction on a drug charge of any
magnitude, even a small amount of marijuana, can seriously affect your
present and future employment chances, your education, your reputation
and your freedom.