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Our Recent Successes

  • UCLA student accused of rape of fellow student. No Charges filed. Cleared in University Discipline process.
  • LAUSD teacher given suspension for insubordination, refusal to attend psychological evaluation. Suspension reversed.
  • Palmdale resident accused of attempted residential robbery. Charge dismissed at preliminary examination.
  • Simi Valley community college student accused of raping two teens. No charges filed. 
  • LAUSD teacher accused by student of assault. No charges filed, no disciplinary action, teacher returned to school.
  • Hollywood area teacher accused of battery on student. No charges filed, no disciplinary action, teacher returned to school.
  • Thousand Oaks area high schools student accused of Felony Battery with Great Bodily Injury. Informal misdemeanor probation, no wardship.
  • Los Angeles area high school student accused of intercourse with minor. No charges filed.
  • Pasadena area actor accused of lewd act on child. No charges filed. 
  • Pepperdine University student accused of rape. No charges filed. No university suspension or dismissal.
  • Torrance area college student accused of theft of purse, sunglasses, and iPhone in school library. Case dismissed. 
  • Santa Monica resident accused of brandishing weapon, making criminal threats and domestic violence. Case dismissed.
  • Santa Clarita area teacher accused of battery and sexual touching of elementary students. No charges filed.
  • LAUSD teacher accused of sexual contact with student. No charges filed. No employment discipline.
  • Rancho Cucamonga businessman accused of domestic violence on wife. Case Dismissed.
  • Los Angeles area school psychologist accused of domestic violence. No charges filed. 
  • Santa Monica businessman accused of rape. No charges filed.
  • Pasadena scientist accused of rape. No charges filed.
  • Torrance area student accused of resisting arrest. Case dismissed.
  • Los Angeles area script writer investigated for sexual intercourse with a
    minor: No charges filed.
  • Los Angeles Gulf War veteran charged with trafficking
    methamphetamine:  Drug trafficking charge dismissed at preliminary hearing.
  • San Bernardino area military reservist charged with assault with a
    firearm: Hung jury at trial.
  • Culver City Schools security officer charged with felony domestic
    violence: Felony charges dismissed at preliminary hearing.
  • Long Beach computer programmer accused of shoplifting with a prior offense. Charge reduced to infraction, no criminal record.
  • Los Angeles graduate student investigated for domestic
    violence: No charges filed.
  • Los Angeles area musician charged with domestic
    violence: Case dismissed.
  • Pacific Palisades Vietnam War Veteran charged with assault, child
    endangerment: Not guilty at trial. 
  • Business executive charged with rape: Hung jury at trial. 
  • Los Angeles teacher charged with domestic
    violence: Charges dropped.
  • Los Angeles dentist accused of criminal car theft/insurance fraud: Charges dropped.
  • Los Angeles actor charged with felony sexual
    assault: Charges dropped.
  • Santa Monica registered nurse charged with
    criminal assault: Charges dropped.
  • Los Angeles business executive charged with embezzlement and concealment of exotic cars: Hung jury/mistrial.
  • L.A. registered nurse/paramedic charged with
    assault with a deadly weapon / great bodily injury: Not guilty verdict at trial.